Short Term Rental Property Guide

For Property Investors Who Want To Significantly Increase Their Returns


"The Ultimate Guide to Owning a Profitable Short-Term Rental Property"

This Guide will help you understand ...

  • Why short-term rentals are an attractive consideration for investors or homeowners
  • How to prepare your property for a short-term guest arrival
  • How to nurture your guests and re-book your property time and time again to reduce vacancy rates

With the short-term rental market growing rapidly, led by Airbnb, you can now earn additional rental income by renting out your property in shorter stints. 

If you do this well, you can bring in enough money to pay off your mortgage, or send your child to the university of his or her choice. You can build up savings for traveling abroad, or use the extra money to pick up another investment property. In fact, you can use the money for anything that you want. 

But what if it doesn’t work out? What happens if your short-term rental strategy ends up burning out and you don’t make the money you need to? 

For most old school investors, who are familiar with the “set and forget” approach to rental properties, this new approach provides an unknown. With the unknown comes uncertainty and perceived risk. 

In reality, short-term rentals are not as risky as most people think. And in fact they pose a significant opportunity for those willing to take some time to understand how this evolving market works. 

This Guide to Owning a Profitable Short Term Rental Property will help you better understand: 

  • Why short term rentals are an attractive consideration for investors or homeowners 
  • How to attract guests to your short term rental property 
  • Tips for preparing your property before a short term guest arrives 
  • Guidance on how to nurture your guests and re-book your property time and time again to reduce vacancy rates 
  • Your options for outsourcing short term property management 

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What Other Experienced Property Owners Say:

"MaisonNets has very well handled the organisation of the house to make it suitable for short-term rental. The best benefit from using this service is that I haven’t had to worry about anything. I also have had very polite interactions with MaisonNets and especially Mark. Also good knowledge by MaisonNets as to pricing and preparation and maintenance on house for rental.

Lena Palma, Sydney, October 2016

"Mark Hodge and his team at MaisonNets are very professional and easy to work with. Their key strength is taking all the stress out of developing and managing short term rentals. Like many who embark on the short term rental strategy we were very nervous but Mark and his team have been brilliant to work with. We look forward to a long partnership with the MaisonNets team.

Adam & Pauline, Maroubra March 2017

"I would tell anyone considering doing short-term rental that MaisonNets is a very efficient, effective and friendly service and that the whole arrangement can be safely left in its hands.

Michael Northcott, Sydney Darlinghurst, October 2016

"I use MaisonNets forget the rest use the best what a great team!!

Paul de Mott, Mascot, January 2017