What does MaisonNets do?

You know all that work you have to do when renting out your place on Airbnb, Stayz, Bookings, HomeAway, FlipKey, etc… well, we do all of that for you plus more. From the initial guest screening, bookings, key exchanges, to cleaning, replenishing the amenities and pressing the linens and answering all guest enquiries, we do it all.

Who uses MaisonNets?

Anyone wanting to rent out their property for short term including homeowners looking at earring some extra cash more than in a long-term rental scenario, to people on extended holiday wanting to rent out their home while they’re away. Even real estate agents managing an extended portfolio of vacant properties.

My property isn't listed online yet: can I still use MaisonNets?

Absolutely! If your property isn’t already on any of the major short-term rental portals such as Airbnb, Stayz, Bookings, HomeAway, FlipKey, etc we are able to set all that up for you. We sync your listing to more than 50 portals around the world to maximise your exposure, turning more viewers into renters. 

Where does MaisonNets currently operate?

We already service property owners in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and even have a property in the French Alps that we manage. We are looking to expand so if you have a property not listed in any of these places yet, please get in touch

How do I get started?

We do have a property listing application form on our website, or you can simply copy/paste this URL onto your browser: https://form.jotform.co/MaisonNets/property-application We will review your application and get in touch to answer any questions you might have. If you are interested, we will come to visit your place in person in order to assess your property and get the ball rolling.

Does MaisonNets do the key exchange?

We will meet and greet your guests personally, guiding them through your property before leaving them with the keys. No matter what time of day or night, we will meet your guests and make sure they have settled in comfortably and have everything necessary for their stay. We will show them how to operate the fireplace, turn on the play station, how to turn the AC on/off, where to dispose of the garbage and take care of anything else you need them to know.

Will MaisonNets clean my place before and after each guest?

We can organise all of your cleaning needs. The initial clean is charged to you, and we organise a full clean after each guests stay which is paid for by the guest. Additionally, our concierge in charge of overlooking your property will check on your place before and after each clean to make sure the cleaning job meets our high standards.

Can you restock my place with amenities after each guest leaves?

We take care of the little details so you don’t have to and will restock the basic amenities as follow for your guests: body wash, shampoo, hand soaps, toilet paper, surface spray, dishwashing liquid, dishwasher tablets and laundry detergent. By keeping an eye on the stock, we insure that your property is fully stocked for the next guests, leaving you with one less thing to worry about. We can also organise extras such as flowers, fresh juice or even home-made chocolate cookies for your guests to make their stay memorable and increase your ranking amongst the various rental portals you be listed on. If you would like us to Remember, the more positive comments and happy guests, the more bookings!

Do you communicate with guests as MaisonNets or under my name?

Each one of our concierge communicates to guests on your behalf of MaisonNets. We have found that once guests are aware that there is a dedicated concierge looking after their needs they are more likely to call or email us with any questions, and not bother you.

What about guest reviews and feedback, will MaisonNets take care of that?

We review each one of your guests after each stay. If on a rare occasion there is a need to respond to a specific guest review, we will be in touch and discuss with you how to best handle the situation.

Will using MaisonNets affect my short-term rental rating?

It certainly will…for the better! As we respond to all enquiries promptly at any time of day or night, we can guarantee that potential guests viewing your property listing will get the full attention they deserve. Our fast turnaround in handling queries before their stay increases your ranking as all of the major booking platforms we partner with do reward attentive hosts.

Can MaisonNets increase the amount I earn from my property?

The short answer is yes. We have published a case study on our blog that will show you a comparison of long-term rental versus short-term rental. On top of that, we have a couple of data analysts we work with using an algorithm that takes into account your property metrics such as your postcode, neighbourhood prices, number of bedrooms, proximity of local businesses, availability of public transport, and nearby attractions to help us determine (and more than likely increase) your nightly rate which we adjust accordingly for each property that we take on-board.

How do you charge for your services?

We have a very simple and transparent structure: we charge 15% management fee coming out of the total rental and add to this the cost of meet and greet, plus any amenities that needs restocking for your guests. The initial clean is on you, and we take care of the clean after each of your guests.  

Do you offer property insurance?

On top of having a very stringent guest screen before we accept any bookings, we also offer an optional property coverage insurance to protect your property. MaisonNets has worked closely with its legal advisors and financial underwriters and will coordinate the set-up of an insurance policy with the following cover:

Contents up to a value of $50,000

Legal liability to $20,000,000

Loss of rental income up to $50,000


The policy that we offer is available for AU$250 and will cover your property for one year. You can discuss with us the full details of this tailor made policy by contact us directly. 

Can I use MaisonNets if I only rent - not own - a property?

By submitting your property to MaisonNets you confirm that you have done your due diligence to be able to rent your property for short term whether you own the property yourself, or have authority to sublet from the landlord.

What is different about you?

We are the only short-term property managers with a dedicated concierge service to fill the need on both end of short term rental: we offer property owners an opportunity to look after and promote your property to more than 50 of leading booking platforms we partner with, while providing your guests with a full concierge service one would find in a boutique hotel. We even orchestrate private helicopter rides, picnics on the Sydney harbour, jumping off planes and diving with wale sharks. 

Does my property meet the MaisonNets standard?

We are a bit picky when it comes to taking on property and we are looking for the following:


  • A great location: Guests need to be in close proximity to the area’s attractions whether it be a beach, CBD, a hospital, University or a mountain range.

  • All the mod cons: Our guests are discerning and want properties that are clean with new-ish interiors particularly bathrooms and kitchens.

  • Comfort and personality: Your property doesn’t need to look like a soulless display home. Our guests love and respect the things that make it your home.

  • WIFI: WIFI is a mandatory in all of our properties. We can organise a portable modem if you don’t have one.

  • Added benefits: A pool, gym, water views, outdoor entertaining areas, architectural features and Foxtel sports and movie channels are not essential but will certainly add to the value of your holiday rental income.

Are there things that MaisonNets does not allow?

As a basic guideline we don’t allow:

Guests under 28

Smoking inside your property

Infants, toddlers or children under 10 (without owners consent)

Pets (without owners consent)

Buck’s parties, hen’s parties, footy groups etc.

Parties or functions, including dinner parties or informal gatherings attended by any person other than the guests approved to stay in your property

Bookings with more guests than the maximum number your property can comfortably accommodate