What is different about us?

Written by Aymeric Maudous
We are the only short-term property managers with a dedicated concierge service to fill the need on both end of short term rental: we offer property owners an opportunity to look after and promote your property to more than 70 of leading booking channels we partner with, while providing your guests with a full concierge service one would find in a boutique hotel. We can even orchestrate private helicopter rides, picnics on the Sydney harbour, jumping off planes and diving with whale sharks.

What does MaisonNets do?

Written by Aymeric Maudous
You know all that work you have to do when renting out your place on Airbnb, Stayz, Bookings, HomeAway, FlipKey, etc… well, we do all of that for you plus more. From the initial guest screening, bookings, key exchanges, to cleaning, replenishing the amenities, pressing the linens and answering all guest enquiries, we do it all.

Who uses MaisonNets?

Written by Aymeric Maudous
Anyone wanting to rent out their property for short-term including homeowners looking at earring some extra cash more than in a long-term rental scenario, to people on extended holiday wanting to rent out their home while they’re away. Even real estate agents managing an extended portfolio of vacant properties.

How do you charge for your services?

Written by Aymeric Maudous
We have a very simple and transparent structure: in Sydney and Melbourne, we charge a 20% management fee coming out of the total rental. This includes the cost of meet and greet of your guests, plus any amenities that needs restocking for your guests and the complete change of linen.
For properties located outside of Sydney and Melbourne, we operate on a similar but slightly different scheme. Please contact us separately for details.

Will using MaisonNets affect my short-term rental rating?

Written by Aymeric Maudous
It certainly will…for the better! As we respond to all enquiries promptly at any time of day or night, we can guarantee that potential guests viewing your property listing will get the full attention they deserve. Our fast turnaround in handling queries before their stay increases your ranking as all of the major booking platforms we partner with do reward attentive hosts.

Getting Started

How do I get my property ready?

Written by Aymeric Maudous
Preparing your property:
It’s important to consider your guests expectations. While they are not expecting a cookie-cutter hotel room, there are certain features that will increase the property’s appeal and your guests’ comfort. It can be helpful to look at other property listings we manage to get an idea of what other owners offer.

It’s a good idea to think about how many people your property can comfortably accommodate. Make sure you have enough beds, couches and chairs to cater to all. Bunk beds can be a great way to make the most of small bedrooms. If you want to attract a particular market, e.g. families or pets, you may want to include furniture and safety precautions that are suitable to their needs.

Standard equipment:
While some guests will want nothing to do with the kitchen while on holidays, many will want to make the most of the opportunity to have affordable meals in. It is generally expected that holiday rentals will come with a fairly well-equipped kitchen with enough plates, cutlery and glasses for all guests. Basic cooking gear and other items such as a kettle and toaster are also usually expected. Outside of the kitchen, you need to supply linen and towels. Other bedding, such as blankets and pillows should be supplied. Depending on our location, we do partner with a local linen service to cater to your guests needs.

To make your guests stay as enjoyable as possible, it is a great idea to think beyond the necessities. Providing entertainment in the form of books, games, music, internet and perhaps even Cable TV, can help attract guests and make your property a place they want to return to and recommend to others.

What to lock away?
If your property is a place for you to holiday as well as your guests, you’re likely to have valuables and other items that you’d prefer your guests didn’t have access to. If this is the case, put a lock on a room or closet where you can store these items.

Preparing your listing:
When you are ready to advertise your property with us, you will need to fill us in with details of your property and its area that will appeal to potential guests.

What is involved?

Written by Aymeric Maudous
If you decide to rent your property as a holiday rental, there are a few key decisions you’ll have to make. The first being whether you want to look after the rentals yourself or use an agent?

For those who want to closely vet potential guests, answer all the booking inquiries, welcome the guests, orchestrate the cleans then managing the rental yourself could be the way to go.
Listing with us allows us to offer homeowners like you with tailored and stress-free solutions to build successful and rewarding growth of your properties. With a ‘Your home is our home’ philosophy, we take existing property management initiatives and expand them through a white glove experience that is value-adding for both guest and property owner alike.

Why should I list my property as a holiday rental?

Written by Aymeric Maudous
Whether you own your property primarily as an investment or as somewhere to spend your holidays, listing it as a holiday rental can be a great way to increase your return on investment.

Many people, when considering renting their property, believe that permanent lettings will ensure the best rental return and a hassle free investment. However renting a holiday property can be a highly profitable endeavour.

Depending on the location of your property, it may be possible to charge the regular (permanent) monthly rent for just a one week holiday stay. Leasing your property for only 12 weeks a year as a holiday rental would then generate the same investment return as a permanent tenant. Any additional weeks simply increases your return and the property is still available for you to enjoy for your own holidays.

To help you with the decision of whether to invest in a holiday rental, we have put together the following guide to give you an idea of the process.
This Guide will help you understand why short-term rentals are an attractive consideration for investors or homeowner, how to prepare your property for a short-term guest arrival, and how to nurture your guests and re-book your property time and time again to reduce vacancy rates.

How do I get started?

Written by Aymeric Maudous
We do have a property listing application form on our website. We will review your application and get in touch to answer any questions you might have. If we think your property ticks all of the boxes for short-term rental we will come to visit your place in person in order to assess your property and get the ball rolling.

Can MaisonNets increase the amount I earn from my property?

Written by Aymeric Maudous
The short answer is yes. We have published a case study on our blog that will show you a comparison of long-term rental versus short-term rental.
On top of that, we have a couple of data analysts we work with using an algorithm that takes into account your property metrics such as your postcode, neighbourhood prices, number of bedrooms, proximity of local businesses, availability of public transport, and nearby attractions to help us determine (and more than likely increase) your nightly rate which we adjust accordingly for each property that we take on-board.

Can I use MaisonNets if I only rent - not own - a property?

Written by Aymeric Maudous
By submitting your property to MaisonNets you confirm that you have done your due diligence to be able to rent your property for short term whether you own the property yourself, or have authority to sublet from the landlord.

My property isn't listed online yet: can I still use MaisonNets?

Written by Aymeric Maudous
Absolutely! If your property isn’t already on any of the major short-term rental portals such as Airbnb, Stayz, Bookings, HomeAway, Trip Advisor, FlipKey, etc we are able to set all that up for you. We sync your listing to more than 70 portals we partner with from around the world to maximise your exposure, turning more viewers into renters.

Where do you currently operate?

Written by Aymeric Maudous
We already service property owners in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Adelaide and even have a property in Bali that we manage. We are looking to expand so if you have a property not listed in any of these places yet, please get in touch.

Does my property meet the MaisonNets standard?

Written by Aymeric Maudous
We are a bit picky when it comes to taking on property and we are looking for the following:

  • A great location: Guests need to be in close proximity to the area’s attractions whether it be a beach, CBD, a hospital, University or a mountain range.
  • All the mod cons: Our guests are discerning and want properties that are clean with new-ish interiors particularly bathrooms and kitchens.
  • Comfort and personality: Your property doesn’t need to look like a soulless display home. Our guests love and respect the things that make it your home.
  • WIFI: WIFI is a mandatory in all of our properties unless you are promoted as a retreat/sanctuary. We can organise a portable modem if you don’t have one.
  • Added benefits: A pool, gym, water views, outdoor entertaining areas, architectural features and Foxtel sports and movie channels are not essential but will certainly add to the value of your holiday rental income.
What are my taxation obligations?

Written by Aymeric Maudous
When you list your property with MaisonNets there are a number of tax issues that you will need to consider.

Do I pay Tax on my Rental Fees?
If you decide to rent out your holiday home, the rental you receive is typically regarded as assessable income. You are therefore required to declare your rental income on your income tax return. Depending on the expense, you may be able to claim certain deductions for related costs, such as certain repairs and maintenance, or the interest expense (or partial interest) on a loan used to purchase the vacation home plus the managing fees from MaisonNets. If you rent out your vacation home for only certain periods of the year, you will need to accordingly apportion expenses per ATO guidelines.
For more information visit:

Does MaisonNets charge GST?
Our management fee has a Goods & Services Tax (GST) component included, which is highlighted in the settlement email of your deposit amounts. This is because we are an Australian registered business and have to pay this amount to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).

Selling my Vacation Rental Home
If you have lived in prior to, or subsequently decide to live in your vacation rental home, you will need to consider the application of capital gains tax (CGT) should you decide to subsequently sell your holiday home. You may not be able to claim a full exemption from CGT and therefore some apportionment may be required.

Do I have to register for GST?
Depending on your individual circumstances (level of turnover, operations etc.) you may need to consider whether GST applies to you. Typically, GST does not apply to rent from "residential premises" therefore if you lease residential premises, you are not liable for GST on the rent/accommodation charges, regardless of the length of the stay. GST may apply to supplies of accommodation in "commercial residential premises". If you lease commercial residential premises, you may be liable for GST on the rent/accommodation charges.
It can be a fine line for whether a property is considered either “residential” or “commercial residential”. If you are unsure as to what applies to your property, we recommend that you check with your tax agent/financial advisor or ATO. MaisonNets cannot provide advice on these issues.
For further information as to whether or not a property is residential premises or commercial residential premises, please refer to the ATO website via the following links:

Record Keeping & Documentation
You will need to ensure that you maintain adequate financial records of your statements for your holiday home rentals, especially if you plan on claiming certain expenditure as a deduction for taxation purposes. You might aim as a minimum to include a log book outlining when the holiday home was available on the open market, when it was provided to friends, family, and other associates, and when it was rented to strangers at full market value. You may also consider a system of recording mortgage repayments, rates, bills, maintenance, cleaning and other valid receipts.
You may also consider obtaining accounting software to keep all your figures in one digital file.
The comments on this page are high-level and intended as a general guide only. MaisonNets recommends you always consult with your taxation professional.

Are there things that MaisonNets does not allow?

Written by Aymeric Maudous
As a basic guideline we don’t allow:

  • Guests under 28
  • Smoking inside your property
  • Infants, toddlers or children under 10 (without owners consent)
  • Pets (without owners consent)
  • Buck’s parties, hen’s parties, footy groups etc.
  • Parties or functions, including dinner parties or informal gatherings attended by any person other than the guests approved to stay in your property
  • Bookings with more guests than the maximum number your property can comfortably accommodate

Our Services

When will I get my payout?

Written by Aymeric Maudous
Most of the booking channels we partner with typically release your payout about 24 hours after your guest’s scheduled check-in time. The time it takes for the funds to arrive in your account depends on your payout method.
If your guest is staying for 28 or more nights, payouts for that reservation are released monthly. Read article 'How are long-term reservation payouts processed?' for more info.

If you have multiple listings with check-ins on the same day, any funds going to the same payout method will be deposited as a single payout but itemised individually as part of your Statement Of Account (SOA).

Processing time of the SOA:
We process your SOA on the 15th and the last day of each month. It takes some additional time for the money to get to you. The average processing time for each payout method is:
- ACH / Direct deposit: Up to 3 business days
- Bank transfer or international wire: 3–7 business days
- PayPal: Within 1 business day

Weekend or holiday delays:
Please keep in mind that many banking systems do not process transactions on weekends or holidays. If your payout from a booking channel is completed between Friday and Sunday, it might not be processed until the next week. Additionally, if your payout from a booking channel falls at the time of preparing your SOA during our cutoff period (usually a couple of days prior to the SOA date), it might not be processed until your next SOA.

If you have any questions about processing time after your MaisonNets transaction history shows a payout as completed on your SOA, contact your payment processor directly.

How are long-term reservation payouts processed?

Written by Aymeric Maudous
For long-term reservations, payments are collected and released in monthly installments.
We charge your guest the first month upfront and release that first payment to you after their check-in date. Future payments are released to your payout method on a monthly basis for the duration of the reservation.

You can check the status of the monthly payouts in your transaction history as part of your Statement of Account (SOA). You might also be interested in this article 'When will I get my payout?'

Day to day business

Written by Aymeric Maudous
Once your property is up and running from our side, there are some day to day tasks that we coordinate in order to maximise your bookings and keep your guests happy.

Managing your listing
Holiday-seekers can get frustrated if they can not find out easily if your property is available, and this can affect whether they take the time to enquire with us. We follow these industry best practices in order to service your guests:

  • A booking coming from any of the channels we partner with syncs within seconds to your calendars on all of the other channels to show when your property is unavailable. This technology allows us to prevent double-bookings.
  • We keep your pricing up-to-date on your listing also, as this this will attract qualified enquiries that convert to bookings.
  • We set up your Standard Rate immediately for the entire year ahead to also help with this.

Responding to enquiries and booking requests
Instant bookings are possible for so many services today, and impatient holiday-seekers are likely to move on to another property if they don’t hear back from us quickly. Online Booking will be enabled on your property and this helps meet the needs of qualified leads and increase the number of confirmed bookings. We respond to all enquiries within the hour in order to increase our chance of converting the enquiry into a booking.

Taking payments
Once your guests have paid their deposit, the booking is confirmed and the calendar is automatically blocked.

Refundable Damage Deposit (RDD)
We hold a Refundable Damage Deposit until after the guests have left the property to safe guard you against any issues. Sometimes we also ask for credit card details to hold, however it is not unusual to take a payment beyond the rental fees that we return following the stay. A refundable damage deposit can also be requested through Online Booking.

Terms and Conditions
We have very clear house rules for each booking to protect your property and your guests are aware of our cancellation policy and general terms and conditions prior to making a booking. Details include our check-in and check-out times and process, the amount due, and any property policies and restrictions such as whether smoking and pets are allowed.

Do you communicate with guests as MaisonNets or under my name?

Written by Aymeric Maudous
Each one of our concierge communicates to guests on your behalf. We have found that once guests are aware that there is a dedicated concierge looking after their needs they are more likely to connect with us on a personal level, call or email us with any questions, and not bother you.

Does MaisonNets do the key exchange?

Written by Aymeric Maudous
We will meet and greet your guests personally, guiding them through your property before leaving them with the keys. No matter what time of day or night, we will meet your guests and make sure they have settled in comfortably and have everything necessary for their stay.
We will show them how to operate the fireplace, turn on the play station, how to turn the AC on/off, where to dispose of the garbage and take care of anything else you need them to know.

Can you restock my place with amenities after each guest leaves?

Written by Aymeric Maudous
We take care of the little details so you don’t have to and will restock the basic kitchen and clean amenities for your guests: tea, coffee, olive oil, condiments, milk, body wash, shampoo, hand soaps, toilet paper, surface spray, dishwashing liquid, dishwasher tablets and laundry detergent... and more!

By keeping an eye on the stock, we insure that your property is fully stocked for the next guests, leaving you with one less thing to worry about. We can also organise extras such as flowers, fresh juice or even home-made chocolate cookies for your guests to make their stay memorable and increase your ranking amongst the various rental channels you be listed on.

Remember, the more positive comments and happy guests, the more bookings!

Cleaning my place before and after each guest?

Written by Aymeric Maudous
Yes, we organise all of your cleaning needs. Only the initial clean is charged to you, and we organise a full clean after each guests stay which is paid for by the guest.

Additionally, our concierge in charge of overlooking your property will check on your place before and after each clean to make sure the cleaning job meets our high hotel industry standards.

Guest reviews and feedback: will you take care of that?

Written by Aymeric Maudous
We review each one of your guests after each stay. If on a rare occasion there is a need to respond to a specific guest review, we will be in touch and discuss with you how to best handle the situation.

Do you offer property insurance?

Written by Aymeric Maudous
The Host Guarantee from our booking channels is not insurance and should not be considered as a replacement or stand-in for home-owners or renters insurance. You may want to consider independent insurance to cover valuable items like jewelry, artwork, or collectibles which are subject to limited protection under the Host Guarantee.
We strongly encourage all property owners to review and understand the terms of their insurance policy and what it covers and does not cover. Not all insurance plans will cover damage or loss to property caused by a guest that books your space.
Westpac has launched a special short-term rental insurance with an exclusive 15% rebate that will be automatically applied for all MaisonNets clients. Alternatively, we will also send you a contact to another insurer so that you can compare.


How do I book a stay?

Written by Aymeric Maudous
The MaisonNets website is only a showcase of some of the accommodations that we currently market on the main booking channels we partner with. Each one has been designed to help you find the perfect holiday accommodation based on your wants and needs and we leave it up to you to book via your preferred channel. Be sure to review the details of properties you’re interested in including photos, reviews and features.
In fairness to all booking channels we partner with, we have to remain impartial, and are unable to provide personal recommendations.

Should you prefer to book direct with us you can send us an email with the details of the property you are after to book@maisonnets.com and we will get back to you shortly with a quote.

Can you help me find accommodation?

Written by Aymeric Maudous
In fairness to all properties listed on our site, we have to remain impartial. We are able to make suggestions based on availability but are unable to provide personal recommendations.

Only you truly know what will make the perfect property, and it's easy to find it! The first step is to tell us the area you are interested in making sure to indicate your dates and the amount of guests for your stay plus any specific requirements such as mobility issues, traveling with baby or pets. If you wish, you can refine your search indicating your budget.

For further assistance, our booking team is available via email book@maisonnets.com or by calling 1300 MY MAISON

Why has my credit card payment been declined?

Written by Aymeric Maudous
From time to time your credit card payment may decline due to a number of reasons. Please ensure you have sufficient funds on your card and your card has not expired. You may also need to contact your bank or card issuer for errors on transaction. It is recommended that you try with an alternative card as re-trying numerous times may mark your card as fraudulent.

If your transaction has been tagged as fraud, please contact our booking team via email book@maisonnets.com or by calling 1300 MY MAISON and we will endeavour to help you with your payment.

Why is my credit card showing as declined for a booking that I have already paid the deposit for?

Written by Aymeric Maudous
Here are some reasons when you may have already paid a deposit but found that you have received a declined transaction notice from MaisonNets at a later date.

  • Your credit card expiring or a change of credit card details has occurred between the time of the deposit and the remaining payment. If the credit card requires to be changed after the first amount of the booking deposit is taken, your credit card details will need to be updated. Contact our booking team at book@maisonnets.com or call us on 1300 MY MAISON to update your credit card details.
  • The correct amount of funds being unavailable when the remaining amount is due. Please ensure that you have the correct funds available on your card, and that your daily limit is enough to complete your booking payment.
  • Some VISA debit or international cards may have intermittent problems and may not always be recognised as a credit card. Should you have difficulty with your card we would recommend that you contact your financial institution in the first instance.
  • Due to the payment system currently being unable to accept partial payments from different cards

If the payment is still not successful a week prior to your booking and you have not made alternatives of payment, your booking may unfortunately be cancelled and a complete loss of the deposit will be incurred.

If you are having difficulties with your card or payment, we would recommend that you contact us immediately at book@maisonnets.com or call us on 1300 MY MAISON.

What happens if my booking request is declined or expires?

Written by Aymeric Maudous
If your booking request is declined or expires, no charge will be placed on your credit card and you are free to make another booking request for another property.

What are the Booking & Service Fee for?

Written by Aymeric Maudous
All transactions made through the MaisonNets check out flow will incur a booking fee ranging from $50 to $80 depending on the property that you book.

The Service Fee includes a card surcharge and a component towards the other costs we incur in relation to providing Online Booking and payments.